Caring for your jewellery - what the high streets don't tell you!

Ten Ways to Extend the Life of Your Jewellery

  1. Wash your hands before putting on or taking off silver, gold or plated jewellery.
  2. Put on earrings after you’ve spritzed and applied your favourite perfumes.
  3. Put on your jewellery after you have applied moisturiser or put on makeup.
  4. Take off your rings or bracelets before prepping veggies or chopping tomatoes.
  5. Avoid rubbing gold plated or rose gold plated bracelets and necklaces against each other.
  6. Don’t swim in your jewellery. See below.
  7. In the summer months, take your jewellery off when you sleep, sweat just doesn't do nice things to fine jewellery.
  8. Clean your jewellery gently, if it's sterling silver or gold use specific jewellery cleaners for that metal. Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT use treated jewellery polishing cloths on plated jewellery.  
  9. Store your jewellery in a pouch or soft cloth separate from other jewellery.
  10. Love your pieces and treat them well and they should last a lifetime. If you notice tarnishing on silver or gold jewellery, this is a natural process but clean your pieces gently with washing up liquid and an old toothbrush. After you've done this, use a specialist polishing cloth to bring your piece back to life. 

If you every need any advice on how to care for your Six Degrees London pieces or even another piece of jewellery you've bought elsewhere, get in touch and we'd be more than happy to help! 

We also provide Town Talk anti-tarnishing silver polishing cloths to keep your silver sparkling for years to come. Add one to your basket here.